If you feel a little different, this one’s for you

What was it about those orange flowers I saw on my run? There were just a few sticking out amidst a plethora of green. They stopped me in my tracks. I wasn’t sure exactly why but I snapped a pic, leaning into God as I took my next steps.

Sometimes I feel so different than others around me.

Sometimes I feel so alone even when I am surrounded by other people.

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with all that is in me.

Sometimes I just want the desire I have for more to stop.

It all threatens to make me crazy. What stands out, what makes me different sometimes isolates me, making me feel down and sad.

When I saw the orange flowers, it was a reflection of me. God’s like-

It’s you…and it’s okay. It’s okay you’re different. I have created you like this. It’s okay if you stand out. It’s okay if you feel alone. It’s going to be okay. You have beauty to bring to this world. Pain does not negate the beauty.

Be orange.

Be you.

How are you different?

Are you alone in some way?

Is there something inside, you have to get out into the world?

It’s okay.

Be orange.

Be you.

Stand out. Be you. God marked you with beauty and color. God marked me with beauty and color. He’s an artist. And he is not done recreating you and me.

I have been asking God to meet me in this time of unknown. My next steps professionally, in ministry and calling, are not crystal clear. So I’ve asked God to help me remember what’s imperative in order to live well now and live into the next moments. (One of the ways to get through door #2-see previous blog post.)

I have created you. You. You are not a mistake. You are not ugly. You are not too much. You-with all that-you are like these orange flowers in a field of green. 

Be orange.

Be you.

2 thoughts on “If you feel a little different, this one’s for you

  1. I feel all these things so much right now but having the words of grace in “print” like this helps tremendously. If I get a moment of grace in my head it seems to get quickly swallowed up by the day and all the things that come with it. Now I can just look here!

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