Why I am Bursting

Sometimes I dream so big I don’t know what to do. My mind stretches far and wide thinking of some grand idea. These days my dreaming involves the women at my church and the women who may come to my church. I am bursting with hope for the future because not only do I see dreams in my head, I also see women who share the heartbeat. These women are willing to serve, work, and lead to create a honest, welcoming, and engaging atmosphere in which we can all grow to become and do all God has for us.

I recently said yes to a volunteer position at church. Previously the position was called “Director of Women’s Ministry.” But I think I want to change the title. Something like “Point Leader for Women’s Ministries” suits me better. Director sounds too administrative for me. I am more of a big picture gal, full of vision and ideas. I will certainly need women around me who have gifts and strengths I do not possess in order for women’s ministries at our church to soar. And really what I mean is I want each and every woman who steps into one our gatherings to soar. I believe God has some women in mind to partner with me or I would have never said yes. He is answering this need amazingly.

I believe our women’s ministry is at a fork in the road. It is time to decide which direction we will go. Forging a new path is never easy. Will we make the necessary changes? Will we have courage to make the right decisions? Will we work to “beef it up?” Are we ready to have more women “get on the bus?” Are we willing to forge a new path?

Teeming. I believe God wants teeming. The picture I saw was of a field. This field was full and green. Life was abundant. At first I did not think this picture was directly related to women’s ministry at our church. I saw this stunning picture as a promise from God for my life. I quietly soaked the image in, wondering if this really was from God or just my own imagination. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the desert in the last 6 years and I am ready for some green.

But today I am convinced the picture is for us.

The women I have been getting to know more since taking this position are blowing me out of the water. Their hearts. Their work. Their honesty. Their love. Their ideas. Their passion. Their gifts. Their experience. Their stories. Pieces of a puzzle God is creating. It is a slow process, but it is exciting none-the-less. I am learning to follow and be patient. “Vision is discovered, not invented,” says Reggie McNeal, in his book The Present Future. I am finding this to be true. Here’s to the future, my bus-mates!


One thought on “Why I am Bursting

  1. I love your analogy of your life experience when you said you have had enough desert and now you’re ready for some green. I can relate to that.

    Love & Respect

    Nicole Veltrano

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